Portrait Practice Fun

Last night I had a few neighbors come out to a nearby field for some portrait practice & instruction on camera usage. It started as mom wanting just a few photos of her camera avoiding son, but I figured I would invite a few others to come along for practice and instruction as we played taking some fun photos. It’s always fun to get together to learn & make photos, plus in this environment I don’t mind if the end results aren’t perfect as we are just practicing and no one is expecting paid results.

I’d like to do this more often as time permits. So if you are local, link up with me on Twitter or Facebook to know when I’m putting something together.

Here are a few from the hour we spent playing with reflectors and a flash head carving some light on our subjects.

All photos were shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, 24-105L, various settings. Light modifiers used included a 60″ diffuser, 60″ gold reflector (wish I had mixed that up a bit) and a 580EXii shot into a 45″ Westcott reflected umbrella.

There were plenty more photos, and when I get to processing them I’ll post a gallery on my photo site for those that were in them to grab.