August 2010



Serenity: repose – a disposition free from stress or emotion

This was the scene I enjoyed every night on my recent family vacation to San Clemente, CA. Pure relaxation.

Big Blue Bash 2010


This last weekend I had the opportunity to return as a photographer for the “Big Blue Bash,” an annual event held by the Salt Lake Chapter of the Cougar Club. My good friend Kelly Branan invited me along last year to co-shoot, and we repeated shooting this event together. It’s always a pleasure hanging out with Kelly, and the BBB is a fun event at which to capture photos.

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Newport Beach Sunsets


Having just completed a 12 hour drive and arriving on the beach with camera in hand, I was like a kid unleashed on a candy store with too many choices. I took a lot of “snapshots” but it was fun getting out and shooting for fun, which I haven’t really done in awhile. I grew up around water and coastal options, so living inland leaves me wanting to get out and enjoy a beach periodically, so the family vacations that include a beach tend to be my favorite!

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Family Portraits



This last week I had a wonderfully relaxing time on vacation with my wife’s family, including all their wonderful little kids. We had a beautiful house on a bluff overlooking San Clemente beach. We were fortunate to be all in one house as though the location made a wonderful place to visit, the real point was to be together as family.

As is typical now on every family outing, we plan some portrait photo time where I set up my gear and take some family photos. I have a large number of photos yet to process, and it is going to take me some time to work through them as I have a full schedule over the next few weeks of projects and outings. I wanted to share a couple of our wonderful family.

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