Newport Beach Sunsets


Having just completed a 12 hour drive and arriving on the beach with camera in hand, I was like a kid unleashed on a candy store with too many choices. I took a lot of “snapshots” but it was fun getting out and shooting for fun, which I haven’t really done in awhile. I grew up around water and coastal options, so living inland leaves me wanting to get out and enjoy a beach periodically, so the family vacations that include a beach tend to be my favorite!


After taking a few snaps of the sunset on the beach we were headed to the car and I decided I need to run over to the palm trees and capture this vantage point. Something just cool about silhouettes, even if it isn’t a perfect picture.


All of these photos were taken handheld as I bounced around the beach trying to also watch kids and with a very patient wife that knew I was just itching to get out with my camera 🙂