September 2010

Harvest Moon Sky


Last night was the harvest moon, so I thought I would try and get some photos of the moon. Unfortunately the weather – and some other obligations – were not cooperating. As the moon came over the mountains it was hidden by clouds.

Before heading to bed near midnight I went to turn off the outside light; but, when I hit the switch it actually turned the lights on. It was so bright outside from the full moon I actually though the porch light was already lit. I went outside and saw this beautiful, bright sky lit entirely lit by the moon. So, of course, I ran inside and grabbed my camera and tripod.

Here are a few other shots of the sky, moon and clouds I snapped over a few minutes.





Camera info: Canon 5D Mark II. 70-200L 2.8 and 24-105L. Most shots are at 1600 ISO, f/8 and f/2.8, 10-20 second exposures.

Daddy’s Little Girls


This last week I acquired some new (used) studio lights from a friend. I am excited to get to use them and understand how to improve my lighting with the new tools. Without doing much set up, I asked my daughters to pose for me to just see how much light they cast compared to my old, cheap lights. I was happy with the results.

Though I wasn’t trying to make any memorable portraits. I captured a few of my beautiful little girls that I thought I would share. Robyn above and Allison next.


Happiness is…


…A counter full of freshly canned peaches and a house that smells wonderful!

Ok, happiness is a lot of things, but this is definitely one of them in my book.

More Recipe Photos


I am continuing to take food photos for my wife’s ongoing recipe projects. Heather is testing, selecting and gathering up our family favorite recipes for a “best of” book to cook from. As she creates a new favorite recipe, she’ll prepare a plate for me to photograph to put in the planned book. Here are a few other recent photos from this project.

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More Night Sky Beauty


It’s not often I get the chance to get out camping two weekends in a row, and even less likely I will get time to hang out with my camera late at night. This last weekend though I was able to spend three nights out with my family at Palisades Campground, just south of Manti, Utah. The very first night I was so enamored by the amazing, clear view of the sky that I spent hours out with my camera capturing various views.

We had a couple of neighbors that also joined us at the same campground. One family brought their nearly two year old granddaughter with them. We arrived late, so it was already dark, and when she stepped out of the car, she looked up and simply exclaimed, “Wowwww!” My feelings exactly.

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Night Shots


This last weekend I had the opportunity to enjoy camping with some photographer friends with the idea of relaxing, socializing, sharing, and generally looking to improve ourselves. It was a great weekend for me and I was happy to get to know some friends better all while doing some introspection. I look forward to developing my skills further and following through on some personal goals made.

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