Night Shots


This last weekend I had the opportunity to enjoy camping with some photographer friends with the idea of relaxing, socializing, sharing, and generally looking to improve ourselves. It was a great weekend for me and I was happy to get to know some friends better all while doing some introspection. I look forward to developing my skills further and following through on some personal goals made.

Both nights I stayed up with a few night owls and made some night images. I confess that most of what I made looked pretty good on camera, but I found some serious faults when I got back and looked at the large on the computer. Good learning experiences even though there wasn’t a lot I’ll be showing online. I did take a lot of detail photos throughout the day, but I’ll decide later if those will appear in another post.

Half of the fun was the making of the photos, and some of the craziness that surrounded it. That’s one of those placement things though; you had to be there. Here are a few images made pointing the camera up at the sky.


I loved how we could see some of the Milky Way in this setting. We had to make the photos during the window of time after dark but before the moon started to come out creating too much ambient light. The moon was awesome, it just got in the way of a pure night sky!

This next photo was made as I was toying with different settings trying to get more of the Milky Way to show up. It all backfired because the stars were moving too fast (yes, I know we were actually moving) so in a short 3 minutes the stars instead looked like a huge meteor shower!


Don’t you love those orange trees? That’s entirely lit by the firelight. Amazing what a 3 minute exposure will pick up!

This next shot shows what happened just a few minutes later when the moon came out over the mountains. This is only a 30 second exposure, but look at all that light on the trees.


Finally, turning the camera toward the rising moon, I positioned the tripod so the moon was hidden behind a tree because it was so, so bright. Hiding the moon allowed me to capture the glow along with some stars in a way I was pretty happy with the results.


The weekend was exactly what I needed on many levels. Thanks to Everyone involved in making it awesome, both in planning and simply being there.

Oh, and yes Suzanne, you are a superstar! My photos didn’t get a shooting star, her’s did. I’m a loser 😉