Photographing People 3


This last weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with my friend Kenneth Linge at his last edition of his Photographing People series. Kenneth is switching his workshops to some new topics and format, so this was the last time he was offering the third session of this series.

Unlike earlier sessions in the series, Kenneth prodded us to get out and create some scenes on our own with the model we were provided. We were to create something that we could later receive critique and ideas for improvement. Needless to say there were plenty of mediocre to bad images created, but also a few I was happy to have created. See more after the jump.

A big snow storm was headed our way, so there was plenty of wind and cold flowing through the back of the studio were we working outside. As a result, we ended up spending very little time outside. Our model Amy was a trooper though, braving the cold, wind and dust as it billowed around us.

I appreciated the some of the detailed ideas I received for posing, lighting, and in general finding ways to try and make people look their best. I have so much to continue to learn and practice, but it is through these kind of experiences I find myself gaining some ground. I find it fascinating to take time to simply create images for myself rather than with a specific deliverable in mind. A much different experience than doing family portrait work.

Here are a few more images from the day.




You can see some additional images of Amy from this day as I add them in her gallery here.

Thanks so much to Kenneth and MaryLyn for spending so much quality time with me throughout the day!