365 Clicks

Ok, now I’ve gone and done it.

I’ve decided to make the year long commitment to a 365 daily photo challenge. Deciding to do this challenge is something I’ve considered in the past, but frankly I’ve never thought I could stick with it for an entire year. Finding something interesting in my fairly routine day that typically covers a span of only 3 miles of travel and most of it inside either my office or home has seemed rather daunting.

I’ve come to the realization of a few things though that I thought I tackle with the 365.

I need the creativity boost. My camera has sat in the closet far to much lately. I need a reason to have it always with me and to be continually on the look out for something interesting.

I know that not every day will be all that interesting. In the past when I’ve done some shorter daily challenges I spent far too much time & brainpower trying to create something unique or what I thought as a better-than-average photo for the day. Though I don’t want this challenge to be just about getting a photo of the day, I am going to be ok if the photo is simply something I observed. Some days will be more interesting than others.

Some days I will take a photo, others I will make one. What that means is some days will be about observation, others will be a window into a project I am working on. In 2011 I have a goal to do more personal work, including an effort to pre-visualize some photos, then go about making them however that may be.

Daily photos, not necessarily daily posting. Though there will be a photo posted for every day, some of those photos may come in batches when I get time to process & post. I hope to post nearly every day, but there will definitely be breaks where the photos will not be seen for a few days. Case in point, I am going to be on a vacation for a bit in February and plan to be fairly disconnected through the trip.

This is for me. Though I sincerely hope some of you follow the posts on the new blog, this effort will be for my benefit. I hope to push my creativity, get out more with my camera, and this will be one of the personal projects I do for the year.

With all this in mind, here is the link to the new blog: 365.greatproj.com

You can get the RSS feed in the top right of the page to follow. Click through and Feedburner offers some email subscription options if you’d prefer to get the posts in your inbox. Hope to see you on the other side.

Note: This blog isn’t going away (quite yet). I do plan to still post here on various projects until I finally get my photo biz blog online, but you will get the daily photo post over on the 365.