Lexi-Luu Clothing

I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot for the clothing company Lexi-Luu in the studio recently. This company designs and creates stylish and fun dance wear for girls that my daughters immediately fell in love with upon seeing their samples. The three models we had in studio were fun patient as we tried different poses and outfits for their recent new designs.

This was my first shoot since the renovation in the studio, and using the new large seamless wall. It was great to have so much room in which to work. I was able to change angles and shoot wider without any concern of finding the edge of a seamless paper. So nice! We are still looking for the final solution to finish the floor portion of the seamless, but hopefully soon that will be done as well. The studio co-op is really evolving into a greatly improved resource!

Though we shot a wide variety of shots, here are a few samples of the images the client has selected and will be using in their upcoming marketing.