Provo Meetup Food Fest

I had the opportunity to attend the “Food Fest” held by the Provo Photography Meetup Group at the Utah County Studio Co-Op. It’s not often I get to attend their meetups, and it’s always a treat when I do. It’s also a treat sometimes to be an attendee instead of one of the organizers, which means I was actually able to make a few photos. Bonus!

Christina Winn brought her amazing food stylings of Once Upon A Cake for our enjoyment and practice. Laying out an assortment of great looking food presentations, we were able to set up our lights and see what we could capture. I have to admit that I was so caught up in seeing how others were shooting that I didn’t take grab enough of the various offerings to make photos. I wish I had so I could show some of the great work.

Food photography is something I’d like to spend time learning more about, especially creating well designed scenes to present the food. I have a tendency to shoot close up and show the detail of a particular food, but I think the even better shots you see in magazines include the entire scene. Regardless, here are a few more from the event. click to view larger versions in a lightbox view.