April 2012

A Fire Eater in the Studio – A Creative Shoot

Recently I have been booking a series of TF (“trade for”) shoots with some local models with the intent of working on creative lighting. Studio lighting is something I’ve learned much about in the last couple of years, but have oh so much to continue to learn. I’ve enjoyed running the Utah County Studio Co-Op I founded with several other local photographers, and it has pushed me to do more in the studio now that I’ve actually had a place to work.

This week I had Brandi in the studio and I asked her to be responsible for whatever “look” we would shoot. We discussed some ideas in advance, which included some interesting costuming, but then she brought up that she does fire eating performance. That was a new one for me and immediately the cogs in the ole noggin started turning. I picked up a fog machine and decided that my challenge would be combining lighting the smoke with a strobe and illuminating her solely with the light of the fire.

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A New Tool in the Bag, A Practical Review

I’ve been waiting for this day for some time, and it finally arrived. It’s like any day can be a Geek Christmas when it comes to camera gear, and believe me this day felt like it.

I’ve enjoyed using my Canon 5D Mark II for 3.5 years now, and it is an amazing camera. I love it’s beautiful clear images, smooth bokeh and tremendous file quality. That said, I have been looking forward to the next general for some time now for some specific improvements. Most notably I was hoping for an improved auto focus system, quieter shutter sound, faster frames per second (FPS) and even better high ISO performance. On all these counts the Canon 5D Mark III has delivered!

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Photowalking Utah: The Living Planet Aquarium

It’s been a busy photography week for me in a variety of ways, perhaps most importantly was the upgrade of my camera from the Canon 5D Mark II to the Canon 5D Mark III. As we all know, a camera is just a tool, but getting that cool, not new technological marvel can be a great new tool. I like to say though, with a better tool I can make even better terrible photos!

My camera had just arrive Friday late afternoon, and Saturday morning early I had the opportunity to join a small Photowalking Utah group at The Living Planet Aquarium before hour for some photography fun. We were given some quiet special access to try and make photos not only for ourselves, but to share with the aquarium’s marketing department.

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