More Fire In Studio

Though it was not planned this way, I ended up doing another “fire” shoot just a week after my previous one in studio. While the last shoot was all about low light illumination, this week my goal was to capture motion.

Charly is a performance artist that happens to include hula hoop in her repertoire. Attaching a series of wicks around the professional level hoop, Charly swung this hoop into action and the challenge began. My goal was to use a long shutter opening to capture the movement and a strobe to freeze her in place for a cool effect within one frame. After some trial and error, we landed on f/22 and 2.5 second exposure along with a single side light camera left. We were both thrilled with what we were able to create, and the toned image above was one of my favorites.

Here are a few others from the night as we did more fire, including the color version of the same image, plus some other creative portraits as well.

I am just finishing up the editing on this shoot as I work through my backlog of images to get edited. I enjoy the post-productive creativity involved in a shoot, but often find myself falling behind. That said, I am looking to book new TF shoots for creative fun. If you have an idea you’d like to collaborate together on, please drop me a line and let’s talk!