June 2012

Lucas Oil Off-road at Miller Sportspark

Ear splitting, fuel-induced, testosterone filled mayhem is about the best way to describe the off-road racing experience. And I loved every minute of it.

This last weekend I had the opportunity to take my son, brother and his son to enjoy some off-road racing at the Miller Sportspark in Tooele, Utah. My friend & old business partner from years back Matt Cook is now a team owner and racer for Stronghold Motorports, Supercross.com, racing the Prolite series truck. Matt  was in town to compete and welcomed us to the track and to hang out with his team. We had a blast, including the blasting wind conditions, and my kid is still telling anyone who will listen every detail of the events.

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Here Comes The Fire

I don’t fancy myself a landscape photographer by any definition of the word, but when you see something like this developing, you just have to break out the camera and give it a try. I love the work of those that find the perfect location, composition, and then wait the hours, days or even longer for the perfect scene to develop. For me I have to grab the opportunities when they present themselves. I do feel enriched every time I step out of my busy schedule to take in some of nature’s beauty. This shot was made on the way home from the studio, stopping off the side of the road for 25 minutes waiting for the sunset to develop. Though the entire sky never fully developed, I zoomed in for this scene of a partial sky. Well worth every minute.

Lindsey Stirling

In preparation for another shoot with Scott Jarvie and the Utah Symphony the next day, Lindsey Stirling was kind enough to come and join us as a model for our lighting practice. After we had run through the practice shots we needed, we changed focus and had fun doing some creative portraits. Lindsey is a lively, energetic personality, which is what I hoped to capture in the portraits. After some various looks, we broke out the mini-trampoline to get some “Air Lindsey” jumps, which turned out to be my favorite from the set.

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