Lucas Oil Off-road at Miller Sportspark

Ear splitting, fuel-induced, testosterone filled mayhem is about the best way to describe the off-road racing experience. And I loved every minute of it.

This last weekend I had the opportunity to take my son, brother and his son to enjoy some off-road racing at the Miller Sportspark in Tooele, Utah. My friend & old business partner from years back Matt Cook is now a team owner and racer for Stronghold Motorports,, racing the Prolite series truck. Matt  was in town to compete and welcomed us to the track and to hang out with his team. We had a blast, including the blasting wind conditions, and my kid is still telling anyone who will listen every detail of the events.

Though I didn’t have any kind of track access, I of course had my camera with me to try and document some fun. My lens is a Sigma 50-500 lens, which is versatile but does lack a bit in sharpness and contrast. Still a decent option to reach out and pull in some of the action. I shot plenty, kept some and will share a few here. The rest I am sending off in a gallery to my friend in case any are worth using. Most of these shots are of his truck & team, though I did get a variety of shots in the different races of other trucks & action.

I’d love to shoot some of this action at track level and in those little spots where you can see through the fence to get clear, direct vantage point action. What a rush!

I call this my “Trent Nelson” shot. For some reason this makes me think of his style. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part