July 2012

Impromptu Photo Shoots Often Bring Best Attitudes

I posted this photo on social media recently with the caption “When your youngest daughter says ‘daddy, can we take pictures?’ you say YES over your shoulder as you run into the house to grab your camera.”

I’m a big believer in the idea that you making photos often will only increase your chances of getting the great moments and personalities captured. This is especially true with kids. While many of us are filling our computers with photos of our kids, all too often when we try to make real “portraits” it happens in a scheduled session and all to infrequently. And, inevitably, when we schedule a big photo event that seems to trigger in our kids the “you can’t make me gene” that either has them running wild or pulling out the attitude. This youngest daughter of mine seems to have a Diva Switch that turns on when when are doing big group family photos. Seriously, I can show you the proof easily.

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New Residents at The Living Planet Aquarium

I had the opportunity to make some photos of new sea life that joined The Living Planet Aquarium in Utah. TLPA needs some photos of the new additions to show on their information cards and other marketing, so I was invited to join the shoot with Zackary Hansen. Along with a variety of new sharks, this eel is getting to know his new habitat. These guys just look deadly and/or ticked off in anything they do!

This was shot from above the water looking down in the tank through a piece of acrylic to break surface. It was tough with the low light in the tank, but I was able to pull off some useable shots at 3200 ISO on the 5D Mark III.

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The World’s On Fire

Photo made during a recent fire on the other side of the valley from where I live. This was shot from the I-15 freeway overlooking an industrial part of town. The sky is full of smoke, not clouds and the entire sky really did look, feel and smell like it was on fire.

Quail Fire, Flares Up on the Fourth

While enjoying our Fourth of July celebration with neighbors and friends, we looked up the street to see the glow of the fire suddenly expand. Earlier in the day I had thought the fire was getting more under control, but apparently it has been traveling south along the mountains and hit some old growth trees to really take off again. It’s so sad to see this beautiful terrain being swallowed up.

Though I am about 5 miles south from the fire, this view seems closer as I shot it at 200mm on my 5D mark III. That house in the foreground is at the end of my street in a cul-de-sac.

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Quail Fire in Alpine, Utah

The entire west seems to be on fire lately, especially here in Utah. There have been several fires in the vicinity, but none as close to home as the new Quail Fire about 5 miles north of where I live. This first photo is from my front lawn looking north at the fire about 2 hours after it started.

After being notified of the fire – I was completely unaware as I worked in my office – I decided to take off the last hour of work and head out to make some photos. I ran home to get my camera, and started driving north to get various perspectives while staying out of the way of emergency personnel.

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