Impromptu Photo Shoots Often Bring Best Attitudes

I posted this photo on social media recently with the caption “When your youngest daughter says ‘daddy, can we take pictures?’ you say YES over your shoulder as you run into the house to grab your camera.”

I’m a big believer in the idea that you making photos often will only increase your chances of getting the great moments and personalities captured. This is especially true with kids. While many of us are filling our computers with photos of our kids, all too often when we try to make real “portraits” it happens in a scheduled session and all to infrequently. And, inevitably, when we schedule a big photo event that seems to trigger in our kids the “you can’t make me gene” that either has them running wild or pulling out the attitude. This youngest daughter of mine seems to have a Diva Switch that turns on when when are doing big group family photos. Seriously, I can show you the proof easily.

Being a photography enthusiast, I do tend to go overboard with my kids sometimes. I fear that at times I am causing them to dislike getting photographed because I do it too often. The stress level rises (in me) when they won’t cooperate, which ruins the whole experience. This is why I choose to have talented friends like Suzanne Plant do our family photos instead of the tripod & timer method we are all familiar with doing to save a few bucks. Thankfully making a conscious effort to not overdue it, I still have those rewarding times when my kids say “Dad, come here with your camera, here’s a great photo.”

So  when the kids come up with on their own that it’s time to make some portraits, you better believe I jump all over it. Typically it starts with just one kid coming up with the idea; when one is getting the individual attention, the others are interested enough to want to join in. When it’s their idea to make the photos, the smiles are more genuine and attention span much, much longer. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle suggestion that they look beautiful or what they are doing is just so cute and the idea to make photos will come about naturally as if it was there idea all along.

So rather than just get the distant snapshot or stressful photo event, find opportunity to have that impromptu photo session. You’ll likely be pleased with the results and the experience. Here are a few more from the 15 minute front yard “session” that netted several dozen seriously good keepers.