New Residents at The Living Planet Aquarium

I had the opportunity to make some photos of new sea life that joined The Living Planet Aquarium in Utah. TLPA needs some photos of the new additions to show on their information cards and other marketing, so I was invited to join the shoot with Zackary Hansen. Along with a variety of new sharks, this eel is getting to know his new habitat. These guys just look deadly and/or ticked off in anything they do!

This was shot from above the water looking down in the tank through a piece of acrylic to break surface. It was tough with the low light in the tank, but I was able to pull off some useable shots at 3200 ISO on the 5D Mark III.

Many of these shots are made through the curved viewing glass at the front of the tank, which is very difficult to get a sharp and clear image of moving subjects in low light! It is a fun challenge though, and definitely makes me even more interested in underwater photography than I have been in the past.

Though most of the shots are being delivered for their use, here are a few others from the shoot.

And one last image that I found humorous. As one of the caretakers (not sure of their official title) was observing this shovel nose for any signs of stress or other needs, I tried to make a shot of him in silhouette. I though it looked like they were doing an alpha-shark kind of stare down through the glass.