Quail Fire, Flares Up on the Fourth

While enjoying our Fourth of July celebration with neighbors and friends, we looked up the street to see the glow of the fire suddenly expand. Earlier in the day I had thought the fire was getting more under control, but apparently it has been traveling south along the mountains and hit some old growth trees to really take off again. It’s so sad to see this beautiful terrain being swallowed up.

Though I am about 5 miles south from the fire, this view seems closer as I shot it at 200mm on my 5D mark III. That house in the foreground is at the end of my street in a cul-de-sac.

Another shot a few minutes later where a nearby set of fireworks was going off. I recomposed the shot to include one of the ariel starbursts. Even though the Quail Fire had nothing to do with fireworks, I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition to show in the frame. Despite having such a massive fire so close to home, we continue to celebrate with large fireworks.

I’m not opposed to fireworks at all mind you, in fact we were shooting them off in our celebration as well. Just be sure to be safe, smart, and very controlled in your handling of these things so we don’t contribute to the fire problems we are experiencing! Some common sense along with being prepared for any problems goes a long ways toward avoiding any issues.