Quail Fire in Alpine, Utah

The entire west seems to be on fire lately, especially here in Utah. There have been several fires in the vicinity, but none as close to home as the new Quail Fire about 5 miles north of where I live. This first photo is from my front lawn looking north at the fire about 2 hours after it started.

After being notified of the fire – I was completely unaware as I worked in my office – I decided to take off the last hour of work and head out to make some photos. I ran home to get my camera, and started driving north to get various perspectives while staying out of the way of emergency personnel.

Though I grabbed many shots of the just the smoke cloud itself, I tried to get some nearby elements to give some perspective. Though lenses can give some compression to make things appear closer, this was taken wide angle, so that fire is big and nearby. The temple is of course well out of any danger being several miles away, but it does give some idea of the size of this fire even just a couple of hours in to it’s growth.

Here is an image that shows what lens compression can do to influence a story.

My next stop was the Cedar Hills Reservoir for another view looking north at the quickly growing cumulus smoke cloud.

Slowly I wound my way up various roads until I was right up at the evacuation line in Alpine. The traffic was really quite low as most of the evacuation had already taken place, so I felt good that I was not impeding any emergency workers and made sure to stay well out of the way. Here are several other shots from the vantage point where other media was set up.

I’ve posted many other photos in a gallery on my photo site. Take a look and view even larger images.

The next morning from my front lawn.