Alpine Loop Fall Colors iOS6 iPhone Panorama

Today my wife and I took a drive through the Alpine Loop during the Free National Parks day to enjoy the fall colors. The colors most definitely did not disappoint!

While I had intended of course to bring along my camera, I somehow forgot it and was stuck with only my iPhone as my option. Though the iPhone isn’t bad, it doesn’t compare to a full frame dSLR. Still, make due with what you have, right? I decided to give the new Panorama function a try. Though I wish it would give you the option to move up and down to fill in and give more vertical resolution, I was very impressed with the results. The stitching is excellent and the exposure across the frame was good if you pick your angle and lighting well. As you pan if you move too far up and down, the guide warns you to shift to get things right.

Hope you enjoy the view as it was spectactular in person! Click the image for a larger view.