Cedar Breaks Monument Panoramic

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Cedar Breaks Monument for the first time and hiked around the rim to enjoy the beautiful oasis of color. Though I wasn’t carrying a tripod with me, I snapped off a quick series of photos for a potential stitching into a panoramic view. I finally ran these photos through the software and this was the result. Considering it was a pretty dark, overcast day, I was pretty happy with the result.

I am starting to organize my photos a bit on my SmugMug site, including a new gallery for the panoramic photos I have made now that SmugMug has increased their file size and megapixel allowances. I’m still working out what pricing I’d like to place on the site, but I’d like to make some of these available for print and download for those interested.

Click the image above to be taken directly to a larger version on my site.