Creative Dancer Shoot in Studio

One of the creative efforts I’ve made lately is to work with a variety of people and try different ways of lighting a concept. My long time friend Ryan and I had talked about arranging a shoot with his daughter and her friends that dance together. After a lengthy delay and a few changed dates, we finally got together and make some photos. Many of the photos were pretty standard poses and other photos, which are good, but were really a means to an end. In my head I wanted to do some work attempting to capture their elegant movement. As I’ve done before with my shoot with Charly, we mixed constant and strobe lights for long exposures. It took a fair amount of experimentation with the movement, framing and light. My favorite was this photo features at the top of the post, which is a 4 second exposure and includes three manually triggered flashes of the cross lit strobes.

The girls that came along were great to work with, full of personality and willing to jump repeatedly until we captured what we were happy with in various ideas. Though we took many, many photos, there are always a few that stand out as favorites. Here are some of those shots that I thought I’d share.


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