Creative Shoot with Nikki

Awhile back I had a wonderful opportunity to shoot with Nikki in studio. We had an idea or two what we wanted to create, but the goal was really to just play around those ideas and see what we could come up with. One was to shoot some fitness stock type shots, but then play around with some scarves. We were able to accomplish both and come away with some great images!

Right away I noticed how striking Nikki’s eyes were. Some people just have those great eyes that demand to be the focus of attention. Love the green and this scarf worked perfectly to compliment their color. We took so many photos that unfortunately it took me near forever to catch up and pick out my favorites to deliver (sorry Nikki!). I’ve been a bit behind and in a creative funk, so going back to these photos really helped to boost my desire to shoot again.

Nikki is one of those models you just absolutely enjoy working with for her fun personality and ease in front of the camera. Often throughout this shoot I’d think of what I want her to adjust or do next, but she’d already be doing it before I could offer direction. You can’t ask for better than that! Here’s a few others that I hope you enjoy!