2013 BYU Mens Volleyball Season Opener vs Hawaii

Season opener, #2 BYU Mens Volleyball hosted Hawaii in an entertaining match as we’ve come to expect with every outing. My family had not been out for a game in some time, in face never having taken everyone at once because the difficulty with wheelchairs in the Smith Fieldhouse. Because we just had general seating tickets, we were looking for a way to get my son’s wheelchair up into the cheap seats. After asked a few ushers, we discovered there was no way up, so instead they set up some chairs behind the home team at floor level. Thanks Taylor!

I had brought some camera gear along to snap a few shots, and was excited at the prospect of being so close. I quickly discovered though that being this low just behind a team of tall players and wandering coaches didn’t work out so well. Still, the game was fun as BYU won in 3 sets despite some good runs by Hawaii. I’ve always enjoyed the atmosphere of the volleyball games and the awe of seeing how high these guys can jump. Here are a few other shots from the night.

Even Tom Holmoe gets up to “Rise And Shout” with the Cougars’ song.

If you want to get near a sport and take some fun photos, I don’t think there is one more accommodating than the volleyball games. There’s not a bad seat in the house, and if you’re willing to come a little early to grab the best of the cheap seats, you can get plenty close to the action.

You can see the rest of the images in this gallery over on my photo site.