Landon Cooper –

You could say Landon Cooper is a fit athlete, and you’d be right. But, Landon’s goals are much higher and with more purpose than just being in shape. Landon is an ultra-runner, meaning he runs much longer distances in a day than most of us think of doing all month, or year in my case. After having lost a friend to cancer, Landon is now running with more a greater purpose, and hopes you will join him in the effort.

Read more about Landon’s effort to raise awareness and funds for Sarcoma Cancer research at his website and perhaps even participate by donating as little as a penny per mile toward his 3,000 mile run across America for charity. I had Landon in studio to do some promotional photos for use during this campaign, and collaborated with fellow studio co-op participant Lyman Winn. Our goal was to capture a wide variety of looks for any possible use, most often highlighting Landon’s physical commitment to this effort. See below a few more images from the shoot.


Of course there are many more variations and concepts within the shoot, and hopefully we gave a big boost to the visual options and quality they had to work with for the campaign. Good luck Landon and hope you achieve great things!