Missionary Portrait Event

One service I enjoy providing is making portraits for soon-to-be missionaries about to leave on their two year LDS (Mormon) mission. This is a significant time in their lives, and of course for their families. Getting a “before” photo seems natural, plus there are plenty of opportunities to use the portrait in their application, sending to a mission, and in many areas a traditional plaque that is posted in their local ward (congregation) during their service.

Recently I thought it would be fun to put together a fundraising event where all of the proceeds raised would be donated to some select missionary funds of those participating. Two young men were asked and accepted to help fill the event with others that would be interested in getting quality portraits made at a low price in a “mini-session” format. The event was a success, in large part thanks to one family that brought together many friends to get their individual portraits made along with a group photo at the end. Thanks to them and everyone that came and helped with the event.

The collage above was a portion of the participants, and here are a few others from the day.



If you are interested in having your missionary portraits made, contact me today for very affordable rates and even opportunities to trade some time to get the photos made at no cost to you. Interested in organizing another fundraising event to benefit your missionary fund? Let’s talk!