Friday Night Lights

In March we decided to hold an open studio night in coordination with several other local studios. Studio o2o, NSL Studios and ProvoCreative all joined with Utah County Studio Co-Op to put on this fun event that was attended by well over 150 people. Photographers were welcomed to come check out the various studios and enjoy some lighting, great models and wonderful styling by hair and makeup artists. Some models and photographers even bounced between more than one studio, taking full advantage of the evening! Our studio was full of great people, and many excellent photos were made from what I’ve seen popping up all over various Facebook groups and streams.

Big thanks to Lyman Winn for putting together most of our models and the excellent stylings of Lisa Nielson that did most of our hair and makeup. I did not get photos of every model, but we had 6 stunning options cycling through out lighting setups.

As is true with most events I help put on, I end up doing more organizational work and helping others than making photos myself. Still, I did snap a few clicks and have a few photos I can share. Thanks again to all that participated in every way. We’ll do this again sometime!

If you have your photos up somewhere, please throw a comment at the end of this post with a link so we can all check them out!



You can see the rest of the photos, and models can pick up full resolution, non-watermarked versions of their photos over on my SmugMug site: