Utah Lake Sunset, Again

I never consider myself a landscape photographer. In fact most often I don’t consider myself a photographer, rather a guy that really enjoys trying to be a photographer. This is especially true of landscapes. I enjoy a beautiful photo, and whenever I get a chance I will snap a sunset or scenic view when I’m out and about when my camera.

This is especially true when I have the opportunity to make portraits for someone at dusk. I’ll usually try to get photos during the well lit golden hour and then into the sunset to see if we get lucky with some beautiful skies and colors. This particular sunset was one of those occasions while making portraits for the Merrill Family. In between different settings I walked over for a quick photo without any people in it, just for my own enjoyment. No matter what you’re doing, there’s always a little time to stop and enjoy nature’s beauty.

I’ve taken many sunsets photos from this exact spot, usually because I’m already there making photos. It never gets old. Every sunset is unique in it’s own way, even if in the exact same location. Time of year, clouds, timing, composition all can vary ever so slightly. It’s not nearly the quality of some ardent landscape photographers I follow and admire, but it’s mine.

And I’ll do it again.