Maternity Session – Chantelle

Chantelle was in studio to make some fun maternity photos soon before she’s ready to deliver. As in very soon. In fact she was almost thinking she wouldn’t make it to the session! We had a fun time making a variety of photos, mostly ones that are a little atypical to the traditional maternity portrait. Sure, we got some that are pretty normal, but we were looking to do a few things different and fun as well.

The main photo at the top of this post was one of those that just came about. I asked Chantelle what her favorite color is, and she said yellow. I have to admit that’s not a common favorite color I’ve gotten, but we threw a light with a color gel on the background and it went very well with her blue and white dress. Different, fun, and exactly the kind of stuff we were trying to create. A fun session for both of us!

Her e are a few other photos from the set that were perhaps a little different than the normal. Hopefully you enjoy them too!



The rest of the gallery we’ll let Chantelle share on her own. If you’d like to schedule a creative session of your own, maternity or otherwise, drop me a line!