Refinement Records Press Conference

Yesterday I had the opportunity to drop in on a press conference held by the a great new company, Refinement Records. I’ve always been a fan of music photography, and love the local music scene. Utah has been showing there is real, awesome talent growing here, evidenced by some bands and individuals that have gained national recognition. Refinement recognizes this movement and wants to help artists get the tools and direction they need to succeed.

I was invited by Sam Schultz, of Sammy’s founding fame and now VP in charge of A&R at Refinement, to join the press conference held to announce a short tour with artists recently featured on NBC’s The Voice, Ryan Innes, Amy Whitcomb, and Ryan Hayes and John Peter Lewis of Midas Whale. It was very cool to see their new office and studio facilities, meet these artists and snap a few frames. If you are a new or struggling artist, I’d recommend you hit these guys up for a consult.

Here are a few photos from the event.



Excited to see these artists along with a few others perform June 14th in Provo. Be sure to come out and hear their talent and enjoy a good evening of great music.