2013 UTC Demolition Derby

Are you a Demolition Derby fan? I am. I call it “Getting in touch with my inner redneck.” If you’ve never been to an event, it is fun for the whole family. I took my son this last weekend to the Utah County Fair’s rendition, and let’s just say they did not disappoint. Multiple heats of hard hitting competition was both impressive and entertaining.

When they first pulled out three cars into the arena, my son asked “is that it?” Admittedly I was wondering if we were only going to see a few cars chasing each other around the arena. We quickly discovered these cars were the top 3 in the running for “best paint job” which of course embodies the fun they have with this event. Drivers that enter do so entirely on their own dime and sponsorships, and I imagine purely for the fun of it. You can see the grin on their faces as they rev their engines and spin their tires in anticipation of causing some vehicular carnage.

Even more telling of their attitude and camaraderie was seen in one specific rollever instance. The car was hit so hard it was rolled over – a not so infrequent occurrence at these events. Of course all cars were flagged and called to a stop as personnel rushed to the car to be sure the driver was ok. The driver crawled out with a big grin, and not only fist pumped to the crowd but walked over to the driver that caused to him to roll and offered up an enthusiastic fist bump. Gotta love it.

We enjoyed this event from the bleachers of the new Spanish Fork, Utah arena that was both impressive and clean. Seriously not a bad seat in the house. I was a bit worried that we would be too far from the action so I even brought my long glass (Sigma 50-500) in preparation. I ended up using the 70-200 on my full frame camera instead most of the night as it was more than sufficient to get the shots. And action there definitely was. Despite a few stops in action and a generous amount of time needed to remove cars and wreckage debris between each heat, the drivers put on such a good show pushing every ounce of drivability out of their cars.

Here’s a link to the gallery of many photos I took. Enjoy them all in large size and splendor, please. I’ve passed these along to the event organizer in hopes they can make good use of them as I enjoy supporting local events. (Incidentally I already heard back from them and will likely get more involved on an official level next  year). Here are a few of my favorites from the night.

The final, winning hit of the night

Again, check out the gallery of all the 240 photos I kept from the night, pared down from 600+ because I was shooting in burst mode. There are some fun sequences where you can watch the action from start to finish through a good hit or when the crew rolls a car back over.