Up Next – Bronco Mendenhall About To Speak

At the Big Blue Bash last night in Salt Lake City, Bronco Mendenhall gathers his thoughts right before taking the stage to speak to the nearly 1,000 fans at the Cougar Club event.

This is my fifth year in a row being invited to cover this event. Though the format may be the same each year, it’s still invigorating and interesting to hear what they have to say. Probably more than previous years, Bronco seemed optimistic and spoke with a fervor and enthusiasm about his team and the potential of the year. He pointed out this is the strongest season ever, and the next few years would look very similar.

As a BYU Alum, I gotta say it’s fun to be at these events and making photos. I get a little bit of a chuckle still when my name is listed and mentioned in the company of all the sponsors involved. Here’s a few other photos from the night, including a few of the less typical ones that I take along the way.


Plenty more, as in 240 more delivered to the client to choose from, but hopefully you enjoy a few snaps from the evening. Go Cougars!