Ryan Innes and Brian Bingham Outdoor Concert

I admit it. I’m pretty much addicted to taking photos whenever I attend a concert…or pretty much any event at all. Obviously I have a history with shooting at concerts, and I just enjoy an event more when I’m observing it through my viewfinder. Big concerts and lights are awesome, but there is also something about the small, local music scene that is really enjoyable.

We were actually just taking in this concert again as spectators, with the family in tow, to enjoy Ryan Innes and the opener Brian Bingham we had never heard before. The kids in tow, we figured they would enjoy being outside to enjoy some music, and the promise of treats later didn’t hurt. Ryan of course didn’t disappoint, but we were pleasantly surprised by Bingham and ended up buying his CD. Great indie singer/songwriter.

I’ve been able to do some shooting previous for the Refinement Records folks, and I like what they are doing for growing artists. Check out their site and services offered to help get you trained and moving in the right direction. You can check out my gallery of photos from the event, including a few of them I’ll include below.

Impromptu dancer joined the stage