Salt Lake City from Above

A few years ago a group led by Jesse Stay and Scott Jarvie included in their weekend photo excursion an evening on top of the LDS Church Office Building, capturing some amazing sunset and night photos. Admittedly I was pretty jealous as I was unable to stick around for that part of the day and therefore didn’t have an invite. Ever since I’ve been wanting to get up top that building and enjoy the vantage point during a sunset. This week I had that opportunity.

Whenever you are hoping for a great sunset, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope for the best. Things were developing pretty well with good looking clouds that included some breaks where the sun could poke through on the horizon for that glorious under-lighting that makes for the perfect setting. Unfortunately, in the critical time a small storm formed on the horizon, coming cross the lake just int he exact point where the sun was located and kept our moment from happening. Despite the anticlimactic development, we still had a great time and saw the beauty of this city scene from above.

The photo above was my favorite from the night, with the mix of artificial and natural light. Without the natural color to the sky reflecting into the city, I took some liberties and tinted the colors in Lightroom. Though a bit different than reality, I liked the feel of this colorized version. Hopefully you do too. you can view it larger here. Yep you can even purchase a download or print if you feel so inclined!

The night was even more enjoyable sharing it with fellow photo enthusiasts that were invited on the photowalk. Several old friends happened to be on the outing, including Thom Allen, Scott Smith, Dodd Greer and Brian Beck that I’ve known from many activities local photo community. Here are a few other photos from the evening.


All of these photos will be submitted to the program, of which I am an avid participant. The photos are donated for the use of the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints for their use throughout their organization. Anyone interested in participating can learn more by visiting their site.