Summer Rooftop Concert Series – Mindy Gledhill, Mideau, Scott Shepard

We love music in our house, and we’ve really enjoyed Mindy Gledhill’s album. Even my disabled son Taylor perks up for her music, which is a regular rotation on his going-to-bed playlist. So when we heard Mindy was going to be at the August Rooftop Concert, we made sure to be there. Mindy’s new album is coming out officially in September, but we sponsored her “pledge” campaign so hope to see our download available sometime next week. Be sure to check it out and get a free download at her site.

Of course there were a couple of other bands there, and good music was enjoyed the whole evening. I love the local music efforts, and the Rooftop Concert Series is an awesome event put on by some great people.

This go around I was just a spectator, not there in any official photography capacity, so I only ended up taking a few photos. You knew I couldn’t help but snap a few photos though, right? To me a concert is best enjoyed with a camera in hand. Needless to say, I have a very tolerant and patient wife that puts up with me leaving my seat to wander around for a few photos. You can check out my gallery here, but also I’ll include a few photos below.