Amy Whitcomb, New Electric Sound, Ryan Innes at the Rooftop Concert Series

Back at the local music scene, I was at this last month’s Rooftop Concert Series to do a portrait before the show of a couple of the artists for a publication (watch for more info when published). I figured I’d stick around and enjoy the show, and of course snap some photos where I could. Justin Hackworth, one of the founding organizers of this great event, was kind enough to let me roam the backstage because the crowd was packed up to the stage to enjoy the performances. For me there really is no better way to enjoy a show than to look for those great moments with a camera in hand.

I doubt these photos will get any use outside of my own publishing, but you never know. I’ve had photos find their way into use months and even years later. Often it’s not about a direct need as much as keep working on the challenge of making photos in live music events and supporting the local music scene. These acts that come in for the Rooftop Concerts are really top notch and offer a great variety of styles in music. I’m a big fan.

Though all three artists rocked the rooftop, I have to say my find of the night was The New Electric Sound, a band that has played here before but was new to me. Loved their retro sounds brought to their unique modern take. Suitcase literally had the roof bouncing, to the point I saw a look of concern from some of the staff in charge of such logistics. Looking through my viewfinder I thought I must be against the stage as I saw a couple of inches of travel shaking like an earthquake. You get some great tunes causing 1,000+ in the pit area bouncing in unison, you put structures to the test. Fortunately they’ve had engineers out in advance to know the structure can take the load, but it was exhilarating none the less.

Wrapping up the night, Ryan Innes took the stage after Amy Whitcomb and The New Electric Sound had worked the crowd into a manic frenzy of good vibes. No momentum was lost as Ryan belted out his famous tunes with gusto.

Here are a few other favorites from the night.



You can see my full gallery of photos over on my photo site.