Look Around

I realized the other day that I’m still not posting to this blog nearly as often as I like. I can think of a variety of reasons, chief of which would likely be simply not making the time, aka laziness.

Also a major reason for not blogging was I felt like I’ve only been making photos when doing professional shoots, and less of the everyday stuff that I often find more interesting. So, recently I made an addition to hopefully help get back to making more photos of just the everday things I see, and to try see more things around me every day. I selected the Fuji X-E1 for a variety of reasons, but primarily the size and capabilities packed within the small form factor. I’ll try to write something up about this in the near future.

Today’s photo is an example of hopefully me looking more around me for opportunities to see those photo opportunities. I was taking a few moments to try and catch a sunset that eventually proved to not develop all that well. Looking north instead, I liked how the light was cutting across the valley and just touching the top of the mountains and some of the clouds butted up against them.