October 2013

What Photo Inspired me to Pick Up a Camera?

Today in the Utah Photographers Facebook group, Jeff McGrath posed this question:

Do any of you have the first photo you clicked that made you fall in love with photography? Are you brave enough to share it?

Rather than just keep my response in that group, I thought I’d share it here for others to hear my thoughts.

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The Ever Awesome Carters

I love when I get to make photos for awesome families. And I love even more when I get to make photos AGAIN for awesome families. Repeat customers are my absolute favorite.

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Alpine Loop Drive Pano

Took a drive through Alpine Loop with some friends this week. Enjoyed the view, despite it being the colors being a bit muted this year due to an early cold storm coming through. The Fuji X-E1 (18-55 lens) had some lens flair and streaking when pointed into the sun, but I still liked the result.

This is part of my ongoing effort to always keep a decent camera with me and make use of it more frequently. View the image larger here.

Stringham Family “Create” Shoot

I have been working lately to create stock photo like photos for the LDS Create program on various themes. Those involved in the program have been encouraged to not only fill specific requested needs, but to also come up with our own ideas and produce quality photos. Sarah Stringham was kind enough to volunteer her home and family to participate, and we had a lot of fun creating some fun photos.

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