Stringham Family “Create” Shoot

I have been working lately to create stock photo like photos for the LDS Create program on various themes. Those involved in the program have been encouraged to not only fill specific requested needs, but to also come up with our own ideas and produce quality photos. Sarah Stringham was kind enough to volunteer her home and family to participate, and we had a lot of fun creating some fun photos.

On these kind of shoots, we generally start with a general idea of the theme, but then what we shoot may evolve based on how things develop. With this shoot, “making cookies” was the general idea, but with small kids you have to be nimble and willing to adapt. As a result we ended up with some great photos and hopefully they enjoyed the experience. If you individually or as a family would be interested in doing a shoot together, don’t hesitate to contact me about a session.

Here are a few other gems from the shoot.

Of course there were many other very useable photos made, but these is just a small sampling. Please do contact me if you have an idea to shoot, or just would like to participate in upcoming shoots.