Halloween Photos

For the past several years I’ve thought about doing a photo booth type set up for Halloween, taking photos of those kids in their costumes and providing an easy way for parents to download those photos. Every year I think about it, have good intentions, and procrastinate to the point that it doesn’t happen. This year, thanks to my good wife taking on creating a backdrop we could use other than black fabric, the photos actually happened.

It was fun to get kids for a moment in front of the camera and ask them to be the character in which they dressed. Some just smiled and that was good; others got into the idea and acted it out. Some kids, especially older ones, passed on the photos. Most did get their photo taken, often alone and in the group in which they were wandering the neighborhood. Nothing really all that creative in the photos, but hopefully capturing the photos in a quality better that a camera phone on the front step.

I sent home a little slip of paper with the web address on it for everyone to download, but it will be interesting to see how many actually do. Either way, it was fun offering the service. For those that may have lost the slip of paper, you can see the whole gallery of images and download those of your kids:


Here are a few that I enjoyed from the evening.




Lots more photos can be seen and downloaded in the full online gallery.