Salt Lake City Temple Square Lights 2013

I made my way up on the chilly Friday after Thanksgiving up to Temple Square for my annual trek to capture the first lighting of the lights, this time with an express purpose in mind to get fresh photos to submit to the Create LDS Media program. I’m currently serving as a Church Service Missionary (CSM) as a photographer for the Publishing Services division. It’s been a fun experience, giving a purpose to creating some themed photos on a regular basis.

The challenge I find in visiting the lights at Temple Square is to get something new, perhaps in a different perspective or quality than what I’ve done in the past. I often get caught up getting all the classic shots again that I have done in the past, because, well, they are classics for a reason. Very likely that’s all I did again this year, but at least I was able to get new photos I could submit for potential use by the LDS Newsroom and other areas of the church.

In fact just yesterday @LDSChurch on Twitter used one of my images to publicize the annual Christmas Devotional:

This particular photo was made several years ago, but you never know when they will be put into good use again. Always a pleasure to see them find new ways of using the photos I have made and donated.

Here are a few others from this year. You can view more photos here, and even purchase them as prints if you like to support my work.