Bad to the Bone


Some of my favorite photo shoots are those done simply for the sake of creative effort and fun. Most often those kind of shoots are done with others interested in collaborating for the same reasons, whether other photographers or models.

Brigitte featured here was a great sport, being our athlete model while her husband Jason (owners of and I made various photos in different poses and styles. This was one of the first photos made, and the one we had originally pre-visualized for the shoot. Several have asked me how we got the “look” for this shot, including whether it was a composite of something done in studio. No! This is done all in camera and really quite a simple set up.

As you can see in this photo of Jason making his shots, we used a simple 2 light, cross-lit style using reflectors on bare strobes both for power and for a harder light. To darken the ambient light, this was shot at ƒ16, 100 ISO and 1/160 shutter. The Einstein strobes were hooked up to a Vagabond Mini for power, and cranked up to near 100% to overpower the sun. There is a bit of post processing to give the desaturated, gritty look, but really quite minimal. All the essential look is there in the original.

Later in the evening we had some fun with lighting painting a long exposure to create streaks and fired the flash at the end to freeze Brigitte running. This was a longer bit of experimentation to get a look we liked, and involved much laughter and more than a few sample photos we’ll just keep in the bit bucket. All part of the fun, creative process.

Thanks to Jason and Brigitte for putting together the shoot and getting me out of my winter shooting blues.