At Ease

Social media is often a fickle thing, leaving you scratching your head over what photo, video or whatever you share and what garners interest vs what just slips away without notice. No matter what people say, we all like our efforts to be noticed and appreciated.  It’s ok, you can admit it. We like the likes…and the comments.

One of my favorite aspects of sharing photography online is when the small world syndrome comes into play. Take this photo I shared today via Instagram to Facebook. A friend of mine happens to work for the Orem Police and tags someone she recognizes. The person tagged sees himself and shares the photo because he enjoyed it. Just like that the subject of your candid photo gets to see and enjoy your handiwork. Gotta love it.

This is also a reminder to go back through your archive of digital bits to and look for those gems you may have overlooked on first pass. The photo above was taken on July 4th just before the Provo Freedom Festival Parade, and after picking out my family photos and a hot air balloon photo that I shared right away, the rest got left out of the “selected” pile. I was cleaning up my Lightroom catalog and took a quick look back through the folder to see if there was anything I missed. Glad I did. I need to go way back and do more digging to see what else I’ve missed.

We hear it often that in our age of prolific digital photography we are missing out on some of the benefits of when a photo was printed and we enjoyed it again and again, and it’s true. Services like newly released Chatbooks that will automatically print affordable mini-books from our Instagram feeds are a great option to getting us to do more with the best of our photos. I’ve made a few table top books and often can find my kids curled up in the corner of the couch flipping through those books. Gotta do it more.

Here are a few more of these great officers as they prepared for and started the parade.

And finally a color version of the first photo.