September 2014

On Location Business Photography

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, having quality business photos is an important part of your marketing efforts. So often when we do business with a company, the people we are doing business with is just as important as the service or products they offer. Customers today often take time to research a company’s web site, see who they will be dealing with and what they are like. That “About Us” section is as important as ever.

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Investing in Quality Corporate Head Shots – Utah Photography

Getting a quality head shot involves more than just a basic camera and a solid background. All too often we discount the need for a useful photo of ourselves beyond the social media avatar we use across all accounts we have. Even if it’s for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or for your business, getting a high quality photo of yourself is worth the investment.  Getting a fair price and top quality results is always important, but especially when it’s photos that represent you and your business.

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