Investing in Quality Corporate Head Shots – Utah Photography

Getting a quality head shot involves more than just a basic camera and a solid background. All too often we discount the need for a useful photo of ourselves beyond the social media avatar we use across all accounts we have. Even if it’s for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or for your business, getting a high quality photo of yourself is worth the investment.  Getting a fair price and top quality results is always important, but especially when it’s photos that represent you and your business.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to make company head shots for a Utah Counseling clinic called Child, Adolescent and Adult Treatment Specialists, or CHATs for short. A great group of professionals that were updating their web site and other materials, so that also included needing new, quality photos of that represented the people they are. Being a counselor is not just about your qualifications, but being relatable and someone you can trust in your time of personal needs.

When making photos that should represent who you are as a person, I like to slow down and take the time needed to create a connection with the individual in front of the camera. We all know that most of us are not exactly comfortable when we first sit in front of a camera and having someone that can help you be yourself is a big key. It’s my goal to put the client at ease, learn a bit about them, and create photos that accurately show the best of who they are.

Also with head shots it’s there’s no one perfect pose or look for everyone and for every purpose. As a designer myself, it’s also important to know how photos may be used  and to capture a variety of compositions and photo orientations so the client has options both now and down the road. With that in mind each client gets delivered a gallery of options that will be useful both professionally and personally.

Here are a few other photos from this great company. Contact me today if you’d like to book our corporate head shot services, both in studio or at your location.