October 2014

An Aerial View: Neon Trees in Provo From Above

Neon Trees played a free concert recently in Provo, Utah. Though I’m friendly with one of the organizers (Justin Hackworth, a quality photography and great guy), I knew that nearly every local photographer would be lobbying for a chance to get in close and do photos. I could have pushed myself to the front, but instead decided to enjoy the concert a little differently. So no close up shots for me, instead I wanted to capture the size of this event.

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Experience the World Through Photography

I’ve had some unique experiences in my photography efforts. This week I was invited to assist as an event photographer at a movie premiere where I happened to run into some of the Osmonds (among many other popular personalities) that brought back to mind my experiences with them. Back in 2008 I had the chance to go on tour with them in the UK for a few weeks, traveling on the bus as a tour photographer to produce a tour book they could offer to their fans. It was an amazing opportunity to document the goings on during the tour, both on stage and behind the scenes.

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Food Photography

I’m no food photographer, but I play one at home.

My wife is a great cook. I mean really good, hence my constant battle to maintain my lady like figure. Ok maybe not lady like in any possible way, but despite eating quite healthy most of the time it comes down to having too much of a good thing. I enjoy good food, and darn it if she doesn’t make a lot of really good food.

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