An Aerial View: Neon Trees in Provo From Above

Neon Trees played a free concert recently in Provo, Utah. Though I’m friendly with one of the organizers (Justin Hackworth, a quality photography and great guy), I knew that nearly every local photographer would be lobbying for a chance to get in close and do photos. I could have pushed myself to the front, but instead decided to enjoy the concert a little differently. So no close up shots for me, instead I wanted to capture the size of this event.

I flew my DJI Phantom Vision Plus from a nearby rooftop so I could remain away from the crowd but still capture a bit of how big this got. The little camera on that copter is really not great in dark light, so this is a bit of a noisy mess, but still fun to see the size of things.

Here is a view from my rooftop launch point using a normal camera.

For the rest of the concert, before and after, I mainly just sat in the back with my wife and enjoyed the show. Something I’m usually not inclined to do because I get excited about trying to make a good photo or two. Great of Neon Trees to give back to the community where they got started, and great end to the fifth season for the Rooftop Concert Series.