Experience the World Through Photography

I’ve had some unique experiences in my photography efforts. This week I was invited to assist as an event photographer at a movie premiere where I happened to run into some of the Osmonds (among many other popular personalities) that brought back to mind my experiences with them. Back in 2008 I had the chance to go on tour with them in the UK for a few weeks, traveling on the bus as a tour photographer to produce a tour book they could offer to their fans. It was an amazing opportunity to document the goings on during the tour, both on stage and behind the scenes.

The family was graciously accepting of me, to the point of having my somewhat designated seat on the bus across the table from Merrill and his wife. Between some card games and banter to pass the time between locations, I was able to get to know these entertainers on a much more personal level than most. Though everyone is human and have their failings, these are genuinely nice, sincere people that work hard at their craft even 50 years later.

It has continued to amaze me how something that has always been an interest and hobby has taken me literally to some distant places and experiences I would never have had any other way. I have much to learn in the craft, and still consider it mostly a hobby that I sometimes take more seriously. Yet while continually learning hopefully my efforts have also rewarded others as I’ve been able to share these photos and skills with others.

The photo above was at the last venue in England, the 02, before they left to travel to some other countries and I departed the tour. The tribute of the younger siblings to the older four who really gave the family their start was poignant. This was shot from on stage with a Canon 40D and the EF-S 15-85 2.8.