Food Photography

I’m no food photographer, but I play one at home.

My wife is a great cook. I mean really good, hence my constant battle to maintain my lady like figure. Ok maybe not lady like in any possible way, but despite eating quite healthy most of the time it comes down to having too much of a good thing. I enjoy good food, and darn it if she doesn’t make a lot of really good food.

A couple of years ago my lovely wife and mother of our four children decided to incorporate more variety (again) into our meals, and started to document those we all liked. Despite the sweets in shown in this photo, we usually have at least one “experimental” dinner a week that the family gets to vote on whether we keep it. Kids are usually a mixed vote except the really kid friendly ones, and parents retain veto power if the dish is requiring more of an adults refined taste. That said, we usually come to similar conclusions.

So when this all started, my wife cooked up a few she already knew we all liked, took a photo and posted it to the family blog. Seeing the on camera flash, flashlight looking photo I immediately told her this would not do. We can’t have bad photos out there representing great food. I mean what am I, chopped liver? She agreed and we split duties. She makes the great food and I make pretty pictures…or at least try.

So in the end I’m no Nicole Young but I try to take a little inspiration from her when I can and make photos worthy of at least a family blog representation of the good food. And all joking aside, I do enjoy doing food photography among other things. If you’d like to make some great images, let’s chat about what we can do.

Oh, and if you want to peruse the recipes, you can check them out at