Alan Young – Portrait Profile Series

Some time ago I started bringing in friends and willing victims subjects to the studio for various kinds of portraits. My goal has been to experiment with new lighting, compositions and simply to keep sharpening the saw so to speak. I find when I go too long without doing a particular kind of photographer, those skills dull and I have to relearn some things that used to be second nature. Personality portraits are one area I really enjoy and want to keep exploring regularly.

Alan is someone I’ve known for some time I needed to get in studio, but when I asked him a couple of years ago he had recently shaved off his beard for some inexplicable reason! The nerve! The idea of restarting my profile series came back up, so I hit up Alan and fortunately he was both willing and properly adorned in full facial hair.

My profile session is essentially a short creative exploration of creating photos that embody the personality of my subject. Some of have been simple head shot type portraits, others have been a bit more active and abstract. The constraints I’ve given myself is the session can be conducted over a lunch hour (or similar), so about one hour in length from setting up lights, shooting and breaking down the studio. That may not sound like much, but time truly does fly when you are in the midst of a session like this.

Alan was perfect, patient as I set up because he arrived early to the session like I did, then followed my direction as we moved him and the lights around for the look I was hoping to achieve. Hagrid’s little brother? That’s what Alan says he get at times. And like Hagrid, Alan is not all grim and serious.

Thanks again to Alan for swinging by the studio and making some fun portraits.

If you have interest in making some portraits or have a creative idea you’d like to add to this series, send me a message and let’s talk about what might be possible. If you simply need some great head shots or portraits for your work, family or any other reason, I have affordable rates and would be happy to provide my services for you.