Chalkboard Wall in the Studio

We had the bright idea (see what I did there) to do a series of photos with the new chalkboard wall in the studio for the Create LDS Media program in which I participate. I was joined by another great photographer and a whole host of kids to explore the idea. We quickly learned that a bunch of kids, a huge chalkboard wall and too much chalk leads to a little bit of chaos, but in the midst of that we were able to make some fun photos.

I’m grateful for those that are willing to come out on a Saturday morning for a fun, free shoot like this. The trade in this is that participants (and their parents) get copies of all the photos, so hopefully it’s a win for them even beyond the possibility of their photos being used by the LDS Church.

The way the Create program works, anyone can volunteer and donate their photos to be used. You keep your copyright to the photos, but you extend to them the ability to use the photos however they like. For me it’s a great opportunity to shoot different themes for a good cause. It’s fun for me and for those I shoot to see these photos appear in the print and online publications, social media and many other uses.

Not everything we shot ended up having a drawings on the wall. This was so we could offer to designers the opportunity to superimpose their own message in the blank space left in the design.

This is what happens when the kids get ahold of the chalk and start drawing off to the side of what we are shooting. Kids love a huge canvas!

Would you be interested in participating as a model for one of these kind of shoots? Sometimes they are in studio but also in your home. Contact me and let’s see what we can create!